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Final Report > Setting the Scene

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Setting the Scene

Chapter 9: The Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Service in Bristol

The organisation of paediatric cardiac surgical services in Bristol

The place of PCS in UBH/T

The place of PCS services in the system of clinical directorates

The paediatric cardiac surgical service in Bristol

Referrals and cardiology clinics


Intensive care at the BRI

Anaesthesia at the BRI

Nursing care at the BRI

In the operating theatres

In the ICU

Parents at the BRHSC and the BRI

Parental involvement in care

Information made available to parents and the process of obtaining consent

Support, counselling and bereavement services for parents

Training in counselling

The Bristol & South West Children's Heart Circle

The Chaplaincy at the UBH/T

Counsellor in Paediatric Cardiology

The Cardiac Liaison Nurse


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