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Final Report > Chapter 27: Care of an Appropriate Standard

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Chapter 27: Care of an Appropriate Standard

Messages from Bristol


The past: an absence of standards and of monitoring

The gradual shift towards an interest in standards and in monitoring

Clinical audit: the policy and the practice

Recent developments

Scope for building on recent developments

Insufficient co-ordination in setting standards

Confusion as to the availability of standards

Comprehensive standards

Problems with regard to monitoring standards

Setting standards for clinical care

Patient-centred standards

The authority of standards of clinical care

Generic standards for healthcare organisations

A system for validating healthcare organisations

Rationalising the `inspection industry': a single body to validate healthcare organisations

Validation in the private sector

Validation of services or facilities within a trust

Monitoring of performance

Information and clinical audit

Informing the public and the professional

Patients are entitled to care and treatment of an appropriate standard informed by current knowledge.


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