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Final Report > Chapter 29: The Care of Children

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Chapter 29: The Care of Children

Messages from Bristol


The priority given to children's healthcare services

The healthcare needs of children and young people are different from those of adults

A framework for the future of children's healthcare services

Greater integration of healthcare services for children

The future of acute and of specialised services for children

How to improve the commissioning of children's healthcare services so that it is based on children's needs rather than on providers' convenience

The need for sufficient, paediatrically trained staff

Leadership of children's healthcare services

Leadership in government

Leadership in the NHS

A new voice for children

A broad-based approach

A focus on healthcare

Specific issues

The staffing of children's healthcare services

Communication between healthcare professionals, children and their parents or carers

Children are entitled to healthcare which is specifically designed to meet their needs as children. Parents are entitled to be involved in and informed about the care of their children, save in exceptional circumstances.


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